Are you in search of a portable cooler that works without ice cubes? Here is a super cool alternative to your portable cooler. As the title says, it is a simple solar cooler from GoSun, a brand that has been into the solar cooker market with its patented solar technology. The GoSun team is currently seeking crowdfunding support for the GoSun Chill solar cooler project. We have more details below after the image break.

This project has so far attracted over 3500% of its fixed goal from around 550 backers. If you love the concept, just promote it on Kickstarter here and ensure some early bird offers and perks.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler

Working with a goal to realize solar-based cooking solutions for both homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts, GoSun has now realized one more revolutionary product in the form of the cooler. It is time to get no longer worried about the melting or space-devouring ice cubes on the go.

Just get out on your way ahead to the wild or a camping trip with no more ice mess. You get a superb solar-based portable cooler that is capable of working on multiple power powering options. Apart from direct solar power, you could use a power bank, AC adapter, or a car charger to run it and enjoy an ice-free cooling under the sun.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler – All to Know About

Certainly, it would be damning to go on a trip with rotten food. Or warm wine bottles. Thus far, you would be fighting the sun to keep your foods colder. But with the GoSun Chill solar cooler, you are to harness the sun power to keep your foods cold and fresh. That would surely be a beautiful concept, wouldn’t it? Let us check out the specs.

This is simply a 40-liter mini solar fridge. Featuring rugged all-weather wheels and a carrying handle, this is indeed such a cool portable device. You have two options to power up the completely solar-powered cooler; either GoSun solar kitchen table or any flexible or portable solar panel.

Besides, the GoSun Chill solar cooler also works with a lithium-powered 144Wh 38.5Ah battery. The included power bank sports a 12V port, a cigarette lighter charger, and multiple USB ports to support a variety of your electronics in addition to the cooler. You could use a solar panel to recharge it from the sunlight, for sure.


Images Credit: GoSun Kickstarter Campaign

How It Works

Of course, the technology behind the solar cooler is different from a traditional thermoelectric fridge. Such systems could only offer you a cooling around 35 degrees from the room temperature, and no ice ever.

This GoSun Chill solar cooler, running on a combination of a brushless compressor and an insulated air gap canopy, could be directly run by a solar charger or a power station. And evidently, you get amazing cooling.

Why Should You Buy

This is a perfect camper solution. If you are a camper or outdoor enthusiast, you could keep a unit of the 28lb cooler in your car or RV and make use of it right anywhere there is the sunlight. What you get is a great way to store your perishable food items fresh and beverages cold. Evidently, it is not meant for hikers or backpackers.

1. Completely Solar Camper Solution

It would simply be the major reason you should fall in love with the GoSun Chill solar cooler. As said above, this is a completely solar-powered device though it would work on AC or DC chargers as well. Being a solar device, it comes out to be an ideal camper solution. Along with either a solar charger or the GoSun solar table, it would turn out to be a worthy pick for you. It works right anywhere where you have the sun in the sky.

2. Highly Portable and Friendly for Outdoor Life

The GoSun Chill solar cooler is perfectly all right for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. First off, it is amazingly portable thanks to its built-in rugged wheels and a handle. Furthermore, it has got additional features like the tie-down straps, which you could use to easily strap down your camping gear, camping tent, or other items to the cooler and go.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler Best Features

3. Portable Power for Your Gadgets

The included power bank is capable of charging your essential electronics in the wild. It is a removable 150W power bank with a decently powerful lithium battery. You could use the fully charged power bank to recharge your phone for around 10 times. This is indeed another great feature of the GoSun Chill solar cooler.

4. Accessory Pouches and Bottle Opener

The GoSun Chill solar cooler further features a number of accessory pouches to let you store your essentials during an outdoor trip. Well, those pockets have enough room to store your keys, phones, cards, and more. Moreover, the cooler features a bottle cap opener. Rugged wheels and a strong carrying handle are other notable features.

Kickstarter Offers and Perks

You get some initial offers for the cooler on Kickstarter. With a few more days for the campaign to end, you could buy the product with other accessories at the best prices. The basic GoSun Chill solar cooler with the 144Wh power bank is up for $499. Meanwhile, added with a flex folding solar charger, it is available at $579.

By the way, the next higher variant offers you a GoSun solar table at $649 apart from the cooler and power bank. At the same time, the top variant that features a solar table and a unit of GoSun Fusion solar stove is available at $999, as of now. Hope the product will soon hit the public market. Find all the offers at Kickstarter page here.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the GoSun Chill solar cooler. Really, you get an awesome product that will let enjoy your outdoor explorations with more fun. To have your foods rotten on a trip makes it really terrible. So, get a unit of the solar cooler to keep your foods safe and fresh. And beer bottles cold and delicious.

Meanwhile, thanks to its portable design, you could take it anywhere with no hassle, at all. It is all about getting into the wild with all your basic foods and beverages. The solar power will let safeguard your perishables by making your outdoor life rather amazing. Share your thoughts about the GoSun Chill solar cooler in the comments below.